Why Gilmon Fox?

We strive for efficiency, quality, and time effectiveness with every project.

What is
our goal

Our goal is to apply our 30 years of experience in the development and construction industry to every project so that we can offer the best service possible. Maintaining good relationships with our clients, as well as our sub-contractors, offers us the best capabilities and resources to complete jobs to the best of our ability.


Our vision is to strive for efficiency, quality and time effectiveness with every project so that each and every client has the best product that we can produce. We always get it right the first time, and we make sure to have everything the client has asked for to the greatest capacity possible. Every job is done to the highest standards and completed to perfection according to plan.


Our passion is that your experience with Gilmon Fox will leave you with the satisfaction and assurance that you need and deserve. Our passion is making clients fall in love with the projects that we are capable of creating for them. Our passion is to do what we love to make you love what you do.


Our goal is to make your business venture proficient yet exciting.

Project Management

Project management demands an understanding of the entire process, from design to construction, as well as knowledge of business management. The quality of our...

General Contracting

Gilmon Fox General Contractors is a full service development resource firm, providing support to the restaurant and retail industries. For the past 12 years,...

Construction Management

Gilmon Fox manages each and every project through from start to finish with only the highest standards and attention to detail. For every job,...

Program Management

We have qualified experience in managing related projects and overseeing the outcome and alignment of multiple projects to support and promote a unified brand....

Facilities Management

While developing and building projects requires a steady flow of customer transactions to subcontractors and all of those who help on the job plans,...

Value Engineering

We use a systematic approach to analyze the requirements of a project. We take pride in proposing solutions that offer enhanced value to the...

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